Myla's Hunger Games "ZAGA"

AM, EE CH Myla's Hunger Games

(AM CH Destineez Texas Ranger x AM CH Myla's Ecstacy)
Breeder: Lauri Sicurella & Kurt Garmaker, USA

When I first saw Zaga at Lauri’s backyard in Chicago in 2015, I said to her that if you ever decide to give him away, let me know. And so Zaga moved to Finland in 2016.

I get to explain his name a lot. Yes, he was a boy called Saga. In Nordic countries it’s just SO girls’ name, and as there is nothing girlish in this guy, the name was just simply turned into Zaga. He is the man.

Zaga has extremely harsh black coat and cool steady temperament. When things get hard, it’s better to first sit down and think a little. He also has his super fun side, but he only shows it to people he knows well 😉 That is why almost everyone who has ever taken care of Zaga during my trips has fallen in love with him and asks if they can have him.

Zaga has been shown in US, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and received CACs and CACIBs.  

His pedigree

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Myla's Cookies'N Cream "Piper"

LV JCH, LV, LT CH Myla's Cookies'N Cream

(AM CH Repitition's Southern Stuff x Myla's Blue Moon Bliss)
Breeder: Lauri Sicurella USA

Piper “Little Miss Chicago” is my first black and silver mini. She flew with us to Finland as a puppy in August 2015. Piper  is the proud mother of Rogue One’s first litters.

Piper is such a sweetheart, loves attention, tries to please everyone and get as much “notice me me me time” as possible. Even super black, she is little blonde inside. But you know what they say: blondes have more fun.

Piper has been shown quite successfully in Latvia and Lithuania with several BOBs, CACs and CACIBs, she is amazing mover and so much fun to show. 

Her pedigree

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FI CH RTK2 Imbrez Fenway Faithful

(C.I.B AM, CA, SE, EE, LV CH Sterling' Green Monstah x C.I.B. Fi, DK, EE ch Imbrez iDoll)
Breeder: Mikko Samuli, Finland

The one. Everyone has THE ONE DOG. Ilona is definitely the one in my life. And no wonder, after the hours we have put together. She is amazing hobby dog, pretty as can be, but also quite a handful. And loud. 

She loves agility, but we haven’t been able to compete, because of my broken knees. Therefore we started practising tricks, and these tricks turned into Rally Obedience courses. With Ilona we have overcome one obstacle after another. The next one is Champion Class in Rally Obedience.

Her pedigree

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Rogue One's All That Glitter "JOJO"

FI & EE CH Rogue One's All That Glitter

SE, DK, PL, RO CH NORDW-16 I'm Perfect Gentleman Helloween x LV JCH, LV, LT CH Myla's Cookies'N Cream) Breeder: Niina Rovio, Finland

JOJO, my little fire cracker. She is super fun little pretty girl. Jojo finished her Finnish and Estonian Champion titles and has also 2 CACIBs. Now we are doing agility, started also hoopers and rally obedience. Hopefully we can compete in Rally Obedience, but so far she is little bit too fast in her moves. Her face often says: come on lady, move faster!


Rogue One's Blonde At Heart

C.I.B.* FI & EE Rogue One's Blonde At Heart

IL, LT CH, RU, BY, LV, EE JCH Alex For Silver Rainbow From Destineez x LV JCH, LV, LT CH Myla's Cookies'N Cream) Breeder: Niina Rovio, Finland

MAYA is the female I kept from our second litter. She was also the only female and hopefully we will have some nice offspring after her this year. Maya has been successfully shown in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. She is owned by me and daily taken care by Susanna and her family. 

*Maya just finished her CIB title with the last CACIB form Tallinn in August 2023, and we are waiting for the FCI confirmation for the title. 

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