Niinan pupsit 2023

welcome to
Rogue One'S kennel

Miniature Schnauzer kennel from Finland.

Hope you enjoy my dogs as much as I do. 

At the moment we have PUPPIES



I am Niina Rovio. I had my first miniature schnauzer in 2003. She was black, her name was Salli and she was love of my life. A handful, but so dear. My second mini was also black, he was Toby, import from kennel Rezlark from Czech. 

Since then I have been involved  in showing, breeding, grooming, competing and mostly loving this wonderful breed. I am a member of Finnish Kennel Club and  Finnish Miniature Schnauzer Club, as well as involved in agility and breed clubs’ work in committees and acted as a breed club secretary for several years.  I have competed in agility and rally obedience with my dogs. I applied my very own kennel name within FCI in 2018.  I like the fun and witty side of meaning of the word “ROGUE” suiting me and my dogs pretty well. 


Rogue One’s is and will be a small kennel, breeding at home. There will hopefully be one black and silver litter per year or every two years.

At the moment, we have puppies! 

If you are interested in having Rogue One’s puppy now or in the future, please contact me.


ILONA is my fun and crazy rally obedience and agility dog.  At the moment we are practising new moves for  the Rally Champion Class. We try to keep the training and tricks fun like the whole Rally is. 

JOJO has started agility some years ago and is getting pretty good at it and she enjoys it a lot. Hopefully we will start competing also in Rally Obedience this year. 

The youngest member of our pack, POPPI, has turned out to be a multi talent, so she is doing now shows, agility and a little bit of rally also. 

Here is one video of our Rally Obedience Open Class competition with Ilona.  

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My Dogs

I have five dogs at home, one male Zaga, then girls Piper and her daughters Jojo and Poppi and also salt and pepper girl Ilona


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